Poshmark Invite Code 2020 : Get Free $5 Posh Credits Instantly

Poshmark is getting really popular these days in United States. Probably, it’s one of the best place to buy and sell fashion stuffs online. You can just take a photo of your old shirt, watch or whatever you want to sell and upload it using Poshmark app. That’s it. If someone finds it interesting, he/she will buy it and and you will get that amount. Of course, Poshmark will keep a small percentage as a brokerage and release the rest amount to you.

As the title of this post is Poshmark invite code, today we will be talking about everything related to Poshmark Invites, how to use them and what are the benefits that you can get by using this offer. So here we go…

poshmark invite

What is Poshmark Invite Code?

Here are the benefits of using the invitation code in Poshmark app:

  1. Find your invite code in app.
  2. Share it with friends.
  3. Once they redeem your code, they will get $5 posh credits.
  4. Now ask them to shop something with that $5.
  5. When they complete a purchase, you get $5 reward!

From where can I get refer code?

  1. Open Poshmark app.
  2. Go to “account” tab.
  3. Click on “invite friends”.
  4. There you will get your invite code and the referral link.
  5. As per recent update, you can now use your username as an invite code.

So, Do you need an Invite Code??

Now stop asking friends to get an invitation. Simply use code NWAOF to receive $5 after signing up.

Guys! One more thing…

Don’t forget to share your invite codes in comments section. Who knows, someday, somebody will use your code and you’ll receive bonus in your poshmark account.

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