Gacha Life Promo Codes 2020 : Redeem & Get 100 Diamonds Free

Hello guys! Are you searching for Gacha Life promo codes? Great! We have got them and today we are going to post them right below. Gacha life is an anime based casual game wherein you can build your character from scratch and then start your journey. There are plethora of mini games that you can play and in turn you will get the rewards in the form of gems.

So let’s get started with the codes part:

gacha life redeem code

Latest Gacha Life Promo Codes 2020

  1. 774231999– Get lots of gems with this code.
  2. 987654321– get free gemstone on redeeming this code.
  3. 775213999– get free gems on redeeming this code.
  4. 625841377– get free gems on redeeming this code.
  5. 023861967– earn an unknown reward on redeeming this code.

987654321 : Use it to get free 100 diamonds.

Where to Enter Codes?

  1. While playing the game, click on the diamonds icon.
  2. Click on ‘redeem promo code’ option.
  3. Enter 9 digit code given above.
  4. Click ‘enter’ to get your freebies!

Keep checking this space for more Gacha Life redeem codes.

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