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Do you have drawers full of electronic junk? Have you been wondering how to reuse your old phones, music players, tablets etc? Here is an exciting and eco-friendly way to get rid of your electronic clutter. EcoAtms!

So today we are going to post brand new and working ecoatm promo code of 2021 that you can use for your iphone or android powered smartphones.

Ecoatm is the world’s first automated kiosk that takes your old electronic devices and rewards you with some instant cash. It is simple, convenient and easy-to use but has a great impact on environmental health.

ecoatm coupons

Go Green policy

EcoAtm processing warehouse is designed with adherence to the Responsible Recycling R2 standard. The harmful chemicals like arsenic, lead and mercury contained in the electronic devices pose a severe threat to human life and environmental health. These kiosks, with the aim of combating with e-waste, ensure a safe and efficient recycling for an appreciable sum of money

How does it work?

EcoAtms provide the least hassle when you are looking for an option to sell your unused gadget. Get yourself to the closest EcoAtm kiosk. The device will greet you with a cute animated grin and will ask you to scan your credentials. It takes a little time to verify your biometrics to validate your identity. The machine generates a label that should be pasted on your device before dumping it for recycle. EcoAtm recognises the gadget model and after a series of clicks, you receive the amount what your device deserves.

EcoATM Promo Codes 2021

Use code THANKS15 to get 15% more money on your old phone. Offer is valid till 1st December 2020 only.

Use code NEWPHONE to get 12% more cash on your old device.

$5 Visa Prepaid Credits on First Sell

So Eco ATM is running a special refer and earn program using which you can get $5 reward after selling your first gadget. To get this bonus, you wanna use your friend’s referral code. That’s not a big deal. You can even create a spare account and use that account’s refer code.

  1. Visit this page.
  2. Share your unique link with friends.
  3. When they register with your link and sell their stuff, you both get $5 visa card.

More terms & conditions can be found here.

$5 Off on First Order

Redeem this code to get $5 off on your order at ecoatm. Code will work only on your first order.
On Going Offer

What it promises

The Eco-friendly, money giving kiosk promises to safe guard your digital information and prevents any unauthorized access to it. The Atm, in its span of operation has recycled over 14 million devices which is equal to the weight of 120 buses (with each weighing 25,000 pounds) and 12 blue whales. Recycling 14 million phones is same as removing more than 2000 cars from the traffic and eliminating 6000 kilograms of emissions from power plants.

Ecoatm Coupons

We have working list of ecoatm promo code & coupons that will help you save $$ on your smartphone sell. Our codes are updated frequently, last update was happened on Jan 2019.

Answers to controversies

EcoAtm is suspected to give a good chance for a mobile thief to get some money. But the kiosk works in collaboration with the Law enforcement. With the help of high resolution cameras, it cross checks the user’s identity. A database with the information about complaints of stolen devices, also makes sure that the person depositing the unused phone is not a thief.

Precisely, EcoAtms are safe, easy to handle and give a great return. So, what are you waiting for? Get off your electronic junk for the best price.

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