Top 20 Bee Swarm Simulator Codes 2020 List : Free Eggs & Honey

Basically ‘bee swarm simulator’ is a game which is played by emerging your own swarm of bees and making honey by collecting more amount of pollen.

First of all, this game is quite easy to play. It can be played with friends and other people who ever you invite. You will be awarded for it.

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

In the game, there are few vocabs you need to know very well so you don’t get confused later on while playing. There are four creatures in the game named ‘bees’, ‘mobs’, ‘bears’ and ‘onet’. And these four creatures are further divided. The ‘bees’ are divided as common, rare, epic, legendary and event.

Best Working Bee Swarm Simulator Codes 2020

Today we are going to publish newest Bee Swarm Simulator redeem codes that will give you free eggs & honey after entering. So are you guys ready for it??

  1. PineappleParty – Redeem it to get free 15 pineapples.
  2. Superstar – get 3 star ⭐️ treats + boost with this code.
  3. supersunflower – use it for free boost.
  4. Nectar – get 5000 honey on redeeming this promo code.
  5. Buzz – get rewards of 5000 Honey on redeeming this promo code.
  6. Roof – get 5× ticlets reward on redeeming this promo.
  7. Crawlers – get 5× tickets reward on redeeming this promo code.
  8. Connoisseur – get 5× tickets reward on redeeming this promo code.
  9. Bopmaster – get 5× tickets on redeeming promo code.
  10. Cog – get 5× tickets on redeeming this promo code.
  11. Wink – get rewards of 7× Dandelion field pollen + 5000 Honey + 5× tickets + Black bear Morph+ Haste on redeeming this promo code.
  12. WikiHonor – get rewards of 3× Strawberry Field Boost+ 10× gum drop + 10× pineapple + 1× Royal jelly + 1× Stinger + 5× Inspire on redeeming this code.
  13. WikiAwardClock – get 5× Wealth Clock on redeeming this promo code.
  14. Wax – get 5× tickets + 5000 Honey.

The ‘mobs’ are divided as ants, king beetle, ladybug, mantis, rhino beetle, scorpion, spider, tunnel bear and werewolf. The ‘bears’ are divided into a black bear, brown bear, pandabear, motherbear, polar bear and science bear. The ‘onet’ is an interactional role which gives out the series of five quests after past the 30 bee gate. The hardest quest is the last quest which gives out the reward of a “Star Treat”. It requests you to collect at least 4,000,000,000 pollen and at least 150,000 tokens in his entire Star Journey Quest. The Bee swarm simulator working codes that we have listed above will help you in getting additional pollen & tokens.

In the game, there are few “items”which makes the game interesting.Firstly,the one is ‘Pollen Collectors’ which collects pollen from the swarm of bees which helps in making honey. The second one is ‘Bags’ and thirdly there are ‘Gears’ which includes Amulets, Gliding tools, Belts,Guards, Hats. The next one is ‘Inventory item’ which includes Antpass,Eggs, Gumdrops, Honey, Royal Jelly, Tickets and lots of Treats. And the last one is ‘Mechanics’ which includes Ability tokens, Badges, Bond, Codes and lastly Emoticons.

In the game, there are “locations” which play an important role in an interesting gameplay. There are fields, shops, gates, transportation, machines and other places such as King beetle lair, Werewolf’s cave, Ant challenge, Star hall and the last one is a White tunnel.

In the whole game, the ‘bees’ are the main mechanic of the “Bee Swarm Simulator”. It helps collect pollen from the field and help convert it into honey and protects from the ‘mobs’. But to get all these things, you will need redeem codes and this is what this post is for! So keep visiting our site and stay updated with our latest Bee Swarm Simulator codes of 2020. Good bye & take care!

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